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Dean Castiel Big Bang 2016
POISK ISTINY (Finding Truth)
Story: CassondraWinchester & LOTRSPNFanGirl
Rating: Explicit | Genre: ABO - AU |
Other Pairings: Sam/Jess | Word Count: 100k+
Warnings: Mob-level violence, Character death (not main),
torture, ABO dynamics, mpreg (not graphic).





It was an absolute joy to work on this story with Dani and Cassie! Even though I'd signed up for this year's DCBB, my first, I'd decided that I wasn't going to take a fic after all. Life was going to be a bear for the coming months leading up to the DCBB event. But, my curiosity got the best of me. And I just had to peek.


There it was. As if it was waiting for me. A mob fic. Love mob stories. I'm also a writer and I've written mob stories for another fandom for ten years! It was calling to me!

And it was an ABO! I could only hope that it was the kind of ABO I could get behind! It sounded like it might be. But, I closed my browser and walked away. I went to work. I went to work on getting carpenters to finish my kitchen reno that was left in the lurch. I went to deal with my brothers as my mother took a turn for the worse.

And still this fic was whispering to me. I couldn't resist. I went back to the DCBB site and peeked again. It was still unclaimed! It was a sign... oh, hell, I don't believe in signs, but... yeah.

I wrote out my claim and held my breath as I hit the send button. And waited.

I didn't have to wait long... it was mine!

WHOOT! OMG! Mine! WOW! I was super excited and super nervous that I could do a 100K fic justice. I don't do art the way I think of art. I don't paint or draw. I manip. And there are limitations to that. I do what I can to work around those, but...fingers crossed.

When Dani and Cassie and I connected it was terrific from the start!

I did the best I could to give them the art that would support their wonderful story. There were a few challenges but, overall, it was a wonderful experience. Never have two people been more open to a true collaboration! Take a look at the Chapter Specific Graphics -- I'm fairly proud of those!

For the cover -- I wanted our two guys on there and I wanted a certain mood to it. I think I got it. And I wanted the image to make you want to read this fantastic fic. I hope it works!

I was lucky, too, that they allowed me to be further involved when I offered my expertise in Mob information and took on the job of beta'ing the story!

All in all it was one of the best experiences I could have had in the Supernatural fandom! I've been pretty lucky
in hooking up with writers who really want to collaborate and have graphics for their stories.

Now... enough about me! Go read the fic, Poisk Istiny!


Chapter banners! The idea of them are near and dear to my heart! And Cassie and Dani
did such a great job naming each chapter and finding a quote to support their message
that they just screamed -- make me art!

So, I did. What I attempted to do with each of these chapters is pull out some key
element that would further entice the reader but not give away the chapter.

And... here they are!

These were nearly a last minute addition. Dani and Cassie spent a good deal of time
choosing the type of home that their characters would inhabit. And they had links to
actual properties, but, unfortunately, some of those lovely places were sold already.

I found comparable sites and then thought it might be neat to do a little banner showing
where our guys all hung their hats and laid their heads!

And... here they are!



With the Residence Banners done, they looked so cool... and I'd collected all these
images while shopping around for the images I'd ultimately used, that I thought... hey,
why not do a few other mini-banners for the other locations. So, I did!







When I first signed on, as is my habit, I asked Dani and Cassie if there was anything specific that they'd like to see depicted. Both of them chimed in that there was a scene that takes place on the dock of the Krushnic family
home in upstate New York.

This was a very difficult manipulation to accomplish. I can't even tell you how many different layers are in here. I can tell you that it took about 12 hours to accomplish! I may do a walk through on this one.

But for starters, first I needed to beat up Gabriel. And break his leg. Then I needed his face to be swollen because he'd been beaten over days. It was quite a challenge, but I'm pleased with the result.



Cassie presented me with a huge challenge! I've never done a porn manip before. I've seen others do them and the do them so beautifully. It's truly a talent! I thought I'd rise to the challenge and give it a try.

I didn't get quite what I wanted. I did manage a credible 'almost kiss' with Dean and Cas -- I was happy and Cassie was thrilled and Dani was quite excited.

Because there's so much that happens at the cabin with our guys, I opted for a collage approach. I hope you like it!



THIS is a very important pinnacle of the story and I so wanted to do something. There was just so much going on that I had to hone in on the truly key elements of this chapter without giving away all of it. A walk through on this could be fun but I started this only last night, the night before posting. Not because I had no time, but because this story is so full but honing in on what I can manip is sometimes an issue. I'd tried several Dean-centric scenes and did not like the results -- this brain child came yesterday at about four in the afternoon! At three in the morning I closed the file wrong and lost everything. So, I started again. I needed to shorten the warehouse, because I could not find one to my liking, then I had to burn it. And find a Caddy Escalade and put Sam in the driver's seat. Oh, and I had to beat up Cas a bit more than the image I found at Home of the Nutty. Phew! It was a lot!

I took those elements and fashioned a small collage. I think it does the trick! I hope you do as well!



The Martini Shot is becoming a bit of a signature for me. I like to find that one scene that can put the dot over the 'i' and cross the 't'. The image that lets you breathe a sigh at the end but smile at such a great read.

I chose this... I hope it does the job!



A great story should be seen and read!

I'm a marketing strategist by profession and when I found out that I could do an advertisement
for this terrific fic -- I was right on it!

Refugee Completed Graphics

Artist LJ name: ZephyrChrysalis
Title and author:Refugee by Junkerin


Huge thanks to EmberDW for her monumental assistance on this
piece of cover art. She's a great friend and a wonderful artist! And
I was so swamped with work and wasn't getting quite the feeling I
wanted and she came in and with a few strokes, helped me get exactly
what I was hoping to achieve.

I wanted complete devastation and between the two of us we got it. Then,
another friend of mine, came in and beta'd the work with me and with
another few deft strokes, it was as close to perfect as I could get.

I hope you all agree. I know that Junkerin, the writer, really liked it quite
a bit and that's what I was hoping.


Junkerin spent a good deal of time building her world. And although, it’s based on countries
Currently in existence, she’s very creatively renamed those countries to reflect her story.

This map did not come out quite the way I wanted, but it serves its purpose. I might
revisit this piece again at another time, just for the challenge of it!


I really wanted to do something special with these chapter headers. So, to that end,
what I did do is try to evoke what's going to take place in the chapters the reader
is about to experience.


End of the Prologue

The components of this piece were interesting and a tiny bit
difficult to find in a good quality resolution. I was able to
repair them a bit so that they'd look like they were still in use
by the faction that is the antagonist in Junkerin's story.

The type is actually done by hand to look purposefully rough.


End of Chapter One

This was done specifically for the author! I wanted to do a surfer
Jared for the story as well. I'm not in love with this one, but it
was my 8th attempt and it was better than the others, so, I went with it!

End of Chapter Three

End of Chapter Six
Posted Image

End of Chapter Nine

End of Chapter Twelve
Posted Image

The Martini Shot – End of The Epilogue

These are images of actual stone mosaics that date back to before The 4th Century.
This image would be at the end of Chapter Seven. These are the same images used in
the graphic at the end of the Prologue.

Posted Image

At the end of Chapter Fourteen
Posted Image

At the end of Chapter Eighteen
Posted Image

At the end of Chapter Nineteen
Posted Image

And that's it!

I'm not doing any walk-throughs this time around. Time just didn't allow for it!
I hope you like what I've done. I hope, too, that you can appreciate that photomanip
can be quite daunting sometimes. I have tremendous respect for true artists and the
work they produce. My hat's off to them. I'm limited to manipulating what already
exists, but I like the work I've done here for this story. I hope you enjoy them
and it... so, go read... it's quite an interesting story!

Thanks for stopping by,

Crack - The Graphics

Original Prompt and Cover

The Masterpost for Reflections has been moved to AO3!

Reflections - The Graphics

The Masterpost for Reflections has been moved to AO3!